Crochet for a Cause – Special Olympics 2012 Scarves

This was the first year I made scarves for the athletes participating in the winter Special Olympics. I saw so many amazing scarves from past years and decided to try my hand at creating a sampler pattern. I love making bobbles and trying to combine the different stitches so the contrasting colors show in the rows. I used the Red Heart Super Saver yarn but would probably like the feel of the Red Heart Soft better. One skein of each color was enough to make two scarves. I’ll be boxing and sending these to Kansas.

There are still many programs accepting scarves so it’s not too late to make one to send. Read the Project Guidelines to learn more and check which states are still collecting. I’ll leave you with a photo from the 2011 Wisconsin Special Olympians courtesy of the Special Olympics scarf project photo gallery. Don’t they look great?

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