I like ‘em chunky

My hook has been in action non-stop over the last several weeks spurred by the turn to colder temps here in St. Louis. The snap in the air brings me joy this year, for some reason, but I’m sure the snap will turn to a bite and I’ll be complaining come February. I’ve been experimenting both with yarns and stitches to find the best way to accomplish my vision for each project. For example, the yarn baskets need to be stiff and stand on their own, while the accessories need to be soft and comfortable to wear.

Crochet Wool Yarn Baskets

I was given a hank of 100% wool Burly Spun by Brown Sheep Company by a friend in our crochet meet-up group, Mandy. I turned it into two baskets, one large and one small, using a simple double crochet stitch. The Burly Spun definitely has the heft I was looking for but the double crochet stitch didn’t give me the stability.

So my next yarn basket was made using a front post double crochet. This is the look and feel I was hoping for. I also used the foundation single crochet stitch for the handles and love how it looks in the chunky yarn.

Time to focus on Christmas gifts – I’m on the home stretch. More FP to come soon!

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2 Responses to I like ‘em chunky

  1. Sister Diane says:

    I love these! The scale of the crochet is really pretty in this 3D form – especially with the DC in the front posts. And I am now jamming my fingers in my ears and going “la la la la” because I should not get intrigued about making some of these myself – I do not need another pending crochet project! :-)

  2. iHanna says:

    Love baskets like these. I make mine with recycled fabric, and they are very chunky too! :-)

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