Alpaca Farm Day 2011

Add great people to amazing fall weather and my favorite activity and you have the ingredients for a wonderful day! My daughter, step mom and I had sooo much fun at Mariposa/Big River Farms‘ Alpaca Farm Day.

This is the first year that fiber artists were invited to demonstrate knitting, crocheting, and spinning. Our hosts generously gave us yarn and roving to use during the day.

I also took some of my FP and sold two pairs of fingerless gloves! Guess I need to get to work on more of those!

This is Meredith Rau and Annie Fuller spinning away. Meredith works at the Daniel Boone home demonstrating 1800′s spinnning. What a great job! Annie was patiently teaching one of the volunteer boys to spin and I realized it’s harder than it looks!

We made friends with Yana, who knits beautiful hats from crazy complicated patterns. She was using five double pointed needles making this hat. She is a Londoner, living here in St. Louis and works as a research specialist. Yana started a knitting community on Google+

Sue has been spinning for more than 15 years. She brought her Saxony wheel, that was hand made. She spun two spools of alpaca blend roving into a two ply yarn and gave it to me at the end of the day. She is so generous! I learned so much about spinning over the course of the day as she was talking to all the visitors who came by.

There are some FP I made with alpaca and I will post those coming soon!

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