Customize Your Social Media Icons

There are so many great ideas and ways to customize the links to your SM homes that can really “seal the deal” with your blog/website design. Check out these great icon sets:

Little Box of Ideas Lego Icons – Don’t you love the Lego icons?

eHow Social Media Icons – This clever banner uses an image to house the SM icons. There are different banners for different sections of the eHow site, too.

Eli Rose Smicons - This site is “where social media ideas come to grow.” Great use of imagery!

Here are my social media icons, before and after. I decided just to make a simple color change to match my new design’s palette and avoid too much clutter by using balls of yarn since those are already used in the header.

Ready to whip up some of your own social media icons? Here’s a handy Photoshop tutorial by Benjamin Reed at Nouveller.

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One Response to Customize Your Social Media Icons

  1. Love the new icons! I found some artsy ones for my site. Those Lego icons are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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