LYS – Alexandria, VA Style

Do you go to LYS (local yarn shops) on vacation? We recently traveled to Washington, DC for a five day vacation full of monuments, museums, great food, great cupcakes and of course, yarn shopping! We stayed in historic Alexandria right off King Street, 20 blocks of businesses, shops and restaurants. At dinner the first night, I used my Google map app to search for a nearby yarn shop, and viola! Fibre Space was a stop I had to make.

The shop is spacious and cozy with a classroom space, a Ravelry workstation to find patterns and of course, a great selection of yarns. I knew whatever I bought, I would have to carry on the plane, so I settled on a skein of cashmere, bamboo and wool in Salmon. Plus I got a pattern for fingerless gloves, free. There are lots of classes and meet ups and I was sad I was just an out-of-towner cause this place would be a fun hang-out!

Mary is a huge DC Cupcakes fan, so we took the Metro toward Georgetown. This was around 10 am on a Tuesday and we still had to wait about 15 minutes to get inside and order a cupcake. They were soooo good. The family fav was Lemonberry. Sadly, Sophie and Katherine weren’t any where to be oogled but their assistant, Andrew was there, busy cutting fondant. I appreciated the graphic design aspect of the visit and admired their packaging.

As far as sightseeing goes, the highlight for me was the DC After Dark tour of the national monuments. Our tour bus driver/guide was pretty hilarious and kept us in stitches with his commentary and jokes. Plus, there is nothing like standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 9 PM when the lights go on.

Ironically, my “family of origin” went to Washington, DC exactly 35 years ago during the bicentennial anniversary. Seeing the places we had visited before brought back great memories of being a thirteen year old kid. Now I have great memories with my own kids, too.

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2 Responses to LYS – Alexandria, VA Style

  1. The new blog looks beautiful and so does this post! I love the photo of you two eating the cupcakes!

  2. Going to the LYS is always a must on all of my trips. Checking out yarn options at local thrift stores is up there as well. The funny thing is I really don’t like to be bothered by people working at yarn stores and typically prefer shopping for yarn online – almost never going to my own LYS – but I love finding out what others are like when I travel. I discovered this year that I adore Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson. And last year I spent many happy hours in the yarn district of Buenos Aires – store after store of yarn for two blocks.

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